Attorney Marketing

Attorney marketing provides a unique set of challenges for marketers not well versed in attorney ethics rules and law practice customs.  When you are looking for an internet marketing firm you should begin by looking for a firm that builds law firm websites, provides search engine optimization services (SEO for Google), social network marketing services, and can tie all of your marketing together through a combined on-line/off-line marketing strategy.

While search engine optimization is a critical component of attorney marketing, it is only one piece of a complicated machine that must be well honed and tended to in order to get you the highest return on your investment (ROI).

Website SEO begins with legal websites.  A small, but critical component of how well your website will perform is your website SEO, which begins with your SEO design.  Google SEO looks at how you site is designed, constructed, flows, and functions as part of where you end up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  If your site is designed, is constructed, and functions the way Google wants, it will have higher SERP results.

All SEO is geared towards Google since if you rank well in Google you will rank well with all of the other major search engines as well.  We build law firm websites with a firm understanding of Google SEO requirements.    SEO for Google is the goal.  Getting the highest rank possible on Google is the challenge.

The challenge for all of the best SEO companies is to effectively convey the information our clients wish to communicate in a Google SEO friendly way.  This requires knowing what questions your potential client want to ask a lawyer, and conveying that information plainly using effective web design and logical information flows.

We are the firm you need when you need an internet marketing firm that builds effective law firm websites, and provides search engine optimization services, combined with social media and offline marketing strategies.  SEO for Google requires a careful detailed plan, but it is only part of overall Attorney marketing plan.  Call us today to see how we can help you grow your practice.