There are many types of social media users, but only a few key players you want on your side.  Take a look at the 5 types of social media followers your brand needs to seek out. Find out why you need them to take your social media marketing to the next level.

The Early Adopter is one who stays informed, quickly soaks up the latest worthy trends in social media. This user is like a sponge for new information and technology.  They will post information about social networking developments and comment on updates, good or bad. You need users like this because they know “all things cool” and trending right now.  They have an engaged social following.

The Social Sharer communicates almost exclusively via links, retweets, Facebook and Pinterest.  They usually post the same update across all of the social media platforms they use, making sure to use hashtags, people tags and location tags.   You need this user because when they share your information, it will be cross-shared to all of the other sites they use, thus increasing the power of your posts.

The Born Follower is the one who will add you, like you or follow you because others in their social circle have done the same. They usually don’t say much but they are more likely to be swayed to your service or product,even if it is because of the pack mentality.  They can be inspired by your brand and turn into a Popular Powerhouse for your brand.  97% of consumers listen to their friends and family before anyone else when making purchases, so this is why this type of user is good for you.

The Popular Powerhouse is the user whose posts can generate 100 comments, 200 retweets and 75 shares.  Once they praise your brand you will notice an influx of new followers from their network. You need this type of user because their influence makes them the perfect person to help create new followers out of former skeptics.

The Basement-Dwelling Hater is the user that initially you don’t even want to deal with,  but you must. They comment that your content is lame, your attempts to start conversation are “uninspired” but turning these trolls into dedicated followers can be the greatest thing to happen to your brand. Ignoring them  or deleting their negative posts will not improve your image, how you chose to respond them can.  86% of consumers who complain on Twitter want a response.  33% actually got a response, but 75% of those were satisfied with the response they got!

With the millions of people out there using social media, there are plenty of other categories of users, but these are the ones you should have on your team.  Do you recognize any of these types of followers from your social media following? What are you doing to attract and engage these types of followers to your brand?

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