About Us

Warhorse Marketing, Corp. provides marketing services to attorneys nationwide.  Our goal is to help you grow your business by increasing the size and effectiveness of your digital footprint. Our staff of highly trained professionals are dedicated to getting the highest results for each of our clients. From our management to our support staff, we train our employees to know the most cost effective ways to build, optimize, and monetize your digital presence across all of the major media forums.

We do not represent competing interests in the same marketplace. Our philosophy is that we cannot do our best for every client if we represent competitors in the same market. That is why we only represent one attorney or practice area in a given location. Our policy is exclusivity, and it’s what lets us get the best results for you!

Social Media

We strive to help your small businesses grow through an integrated digital presence and to increase your return on investment through split-testing, and other proven social media strategies.  Social media is both a blessing and a curse to most attorneys.  Many attorneys understand they need social media, but do not understand why, or how to use it to their advantage.  Read more about our Social Media Services for Attorneys here.


We provide top notch educational seminars that will help you both understand the concepts of marketing and provide you practical instructions on how to build your marketing platforms.  Effectiveness is the key to marketing.  As more attorneys enter the marketplace, the competition for clients has continued to increase.  Staying on the front of the marketing trends allows you to increase your return on investment of your marketing dollar.  See what seminars we have upcoming by visiting our Seminars for Lawyers page.

Website Creation and Optimization

Websites are a must for today’s lawyers.  If you do not have a website that attracts visitors, and converts your visitors to clients, then you are not competitive in today’s marketplace.  But, there is both an art and a science to website design, creation, and optimization.  The algorithm’s used by the search engines change rapidly, and the tools and techniques used yesterday do not necessarily work today.  Furthermore, how people access your site is also evolving rapidly.  Just over half of the people who browse the internet do so on a mobile device.  This means that your site must be responsive to a variety of screen sizes, resolution quality ability, and a host of other factors that affects whether your site attracts customers or frustrates them.

If you are looking for a digital marketing company that provides top quality website creation, optimization and social media services then contact us for a free consultation.  We will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare a roadmap for your marketing success.