Google SEO services refers to search engine optimization techniques and tactics approved by Google.  Google does not endorse SEO providers, and nothing on this page should be interpreted to imply otherwise.  Google is the number one search engine in the United States.  For that reason, all SEO services are geared towards getting the best results on Google.

We provide SEO services in accordance with the approved strategies and tactics of Google.  While Google continues to make changes to their algorithm, staying within the confines of their approved techniques and always keeping in mind their overall philosophy to SEO, we are able to generate great results for our SEO clients, without running the risk of having our clients blacklisted.

Google SEO Philosophy

Google is most concerned that the users of their search engine are provided a quality user experience with any website they find by using the Google search engine.  Some things are known to provide a bad user experience on a website, and a site using those techniques runs the significant risk of being blacklisted by Google as soon as the trickery is discovered.  Some techniques, however, are thought to provide useful information to the search engines, and the end user of a website about the quality and nature of the content of a site.  These types of information are considered white hat SEO tactics, and will enhance your placement on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SEO for Bing, Yahoo, and other Search Engines

If you are utilizing white hat SEO tactics for Google, then you will place well with all of the other search engines as well.  There may be some slight differences in the SERP results, but generally you will end up near the top of all of the other search engines if you are at the top of the Google SERP.  For this reason, SEO companies do not generally optimize sites for the other search engines.  This may change as the trend in SEO continues to become more segregated and specialized.

If you are in need of a White Hat SEO provider, then fill out our contact form, or call us today.  Our Google SEO services group will show you how we can help you achieve more traffic, more conversions, and more clients.