Growing Your Garden Pt.5: The Harvest

Just like a garden, the work is more difficult in the beginning and the reward of fresh flowers, vegetables and the fruits of your labor is worth every bit of it.   There is so much that goes into planning and prepping before you every really get your hands in the dirt.  You will find that the planning and the prepping hold the key to your success when you are growing anything from a garden, to your business, even to a child.

The people that you meet, the relationships that you develop, the business coaching that you may find invaluable, the emotions that you share with others along this journey and the lifelong friendships that you may create as a result of cultivating a social media presence are certainly worth more than 3 months and 20 minutes a day.  These moments can be the flowers of your life.

You may discover that you don’t have time to focus on the day to day operation of your business and effectively and creatively manage your social media garden.  It is imperative that you monitor and engage your followers constantly because all of the hard work you put in will be a total waste if you don’t fertilize, weed and protect your accounts from predators.  Neglect of your accounts will results in your rankings going down, losing followers and losing your ability to influence and educate others.

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