Integrate Facebook and Pinterest

Of course we all know about the rise of Pinterest by now, but did you know that it generates more traffic than Twitter and more revenue per click than Facebook? That being said, if you are only using Pinterest for personal use, your business is missing out on customers galore!

One thing that is really important is to streamline your marketing efforts.  Integrating your Pinterest into your Facebook marketing will generate more exposure because Facebook has over 800 million users!  You need followers for Pinterest to really work for you, so take advantage of the Facebook fans  you already have and give them a chance to be your Pinterest followers!

Adding a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page will give your Pinterest account more visibility and encourage fans to see you in a different light on a new platform.  Even if some of the information you have on Pinterest is from your website, they will see the sme information in a much different way. We all know that images grab the eye more so than text, so people may have an interest to read more rather than skim over what you have posted before on other platforms.

If you are ready to integrate your Facebook and Pinterest Marketing accounts, all you need to do is Click here for your Pinterest tab!

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