Seminars for Lawyers

Once you have decided to hang your shingle one ofthe first things you may ask yourself is where to get the best lawyer training to build your practice. Warhorse Marketing, Corp. offers a variety of lawyer training seminars to give you the tools to both build or expand your marketing efforts, as well as the best SFST training, and DRE training in the nation.

DRE Training

Warhorse Marketing, Corp. offers the best DRE training in the nation. Lance Platt, Ph.D. is a DRE expert witness and teaches the DRE training for attorneys. We include training from a medical doctor that will teach you how the DRE uses the medical exams on a DWI suspect, and how the medical profession uses these same exams.

SFST Training

We offer two unique SFST training courses – the SFST Practitioner (student) course, and the SFST Instructor Course. On November 1, 2013 we created our new SFST  courses using the most up to date NHTSA Manual Curriculum currently available.   The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sets the standards for what must be included in these courses, but that does not mean all of these courses are taught equally.

The NHTSA SFST Practitioner Course offered by Platt and Associates through Warhorse Marketing, Corp. will teach the student how the police officers are trained to identify and investigate suspected drunk drivers. Lance Platt, Ph.D. is a published and peer reviewed author on the SFST protocol, and brings years of experience and expertise to give the students the highest level of SFST training available for attorneys.

The NHTSA SFST Instructor Course is available to students who have completed the SFST Practitioner course. In this course the students will learn how the SFST protocol should be taught to law enforcement officers, and concepts in educational learning that may be used to educate jurors and judges about the SFST protocol. This course is vital for lawyers who want to rise above the level of training and understanding of the SFST protocols taught to the normal patrol officer.See our SFST Instructor Course page for more information.

Training Seminars