Social Media Support For Dorner

Social media can certainly be a way to generate a buzz.  It is a powerful tool to get the word out about anything you want people to know about.  One of the hottest topics on social media is the Chris Doner case.  It seems that he has gained quite a following in his death, as being one who was a “good guy gone bad” in his attempt to expose corruption within the LAPD.

Surely more and more will come out about this case and the facts surrounding it in the days to come.  How do you feel about this case getting so much attention and support through social media?  Do you see Dorner as a “cop-killing lunatic” or do you see him as a vigilante of sorts who had enough?

Seeing how much support he has through social media should show you the power social media has today.  What are you doing to spread the word about your business through social media? Are you using this tool to maximize your potential?



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