Twitter for Attorneys

Twitter for Attorneys

We are experts at using Twitter to drive traffic and help you learn what marketing message works best in your market. We offer several Twitter services including building and maintenance of your Twitter accounts, and split-testing your marketing messages. One of the most common questions we are asked is, “How can Twitter get me business?” You have to first understand how Twitter is used for business. Twitter is not used so much to inform but to drive. Twitter, especially when used in conjunction with a link shortener, is simply one of the best ways to drive people to read your blog or article, or drive traffic to your Fanpage, blog, or landing page.

The system for driving traffic is conceptually rather simple. You author a blog post, shorten the link to that post, then Tweet a snippet of that post along with a shortened link. Twitter is also a great way to split-test your marketing messages. If you aren’t sure what ideas or concepts will motivate people to take an action, Twitter is a cheap way to market test what comments or take on the material drives interactions. (We only say “cheap” instead of “free” because it still costs you time.)

There are, however, things you need to be aware of to get the most out of your Twitter usage. See our blog for more information about the number of times per day to Tweet, and the best times of day to Tweet. The more effectively you Tweet, the more conversions will walk through your door to hire you or buy your products.

If all of that is not enough for you, active Twitter feeds are showing up in search engine organic returns. If you are using Twitter as it’s designed to be used, you will soon see your Twitter page show up there as well without doing anything more than what you’re doing by using Twitter to drive traffic to your website.

Through our Tweeting services we will Tweet your message a minimum of six times per day during peak Tweeting hours. If you would like more Tweeting than the minimum you can select any number of packages up to 22 times per day. We will work with you to use our Tweeting to help you narrow down what keywords, offers, or messages encourage people to click through to your website, Fanpage, or blog. To get started, send us an email or call 1-855-WAR-HORSE!