White hat SEO techniques are those strategies and tactics used to generate high quality leads to your website.  White hat SEO techniques are those techniques approved by Google and the other search engines to help you boost your relevancy to a search engine inquiry about your products or services.

Using Relevant Keywords

Using relevant keywords appropriately is one of the most useful white hat SEO techniques available to you as a website owner.  Keywords are those words that people enter into a search engine to find relevant information about the topic they are searching.  By including relevant keywords in the body of your page you are telling the search engines what your page is about.  But, be careful to not overuse those keywords.  Keyword stuffing is when you overuse a term on your page in hopes that the search engine will mark your page as highly relevant to the term searched by the user.  If the search engine believes you are keyword stuffing they may mark your page as spam and delete it – or your site – from their directory altogether.

Use Images to attract your users

Pages with images on them attract people’s attention.  If the image is related to the text of the page, is appropriately named, and has appropriate meta data attached to it, the image can help engage the readers of your pages.  You should make sure, however, that the title and meta data attached to the image is relevant and useful to your users and the search engines.

Build Content Based Backlinks

SEO used to be about how many backlinks you could generate for your site.  There are companies all over the world that will build hundreds or thousands of backlinks for you every day, but these are low quality backlinks.  Simply having a backlink that says “San Diego DWI attorney” is not useful if there is no other information about that topic on the page.  A far more useful method of building backlinks is to create a page of content that has six or seven links to different pages on your site.  Then get someone in your industry, but who is not a direct competitor, to load that page on their site.  You should be willing to load a similar page for them on your website.

Provide Quality Content

The number one thing people are looking for when searching a lawyer’s website is information related to their legal situation.  Your site may be pretty, but if it does not provide them enough relevant information then you have just wasted their time.  Providing quality content is the top way to ensure that your visitors look deeper into your site and want to learn more about you and your services.

Provide Meaningful Headings

Most often your visitor will not want to read everything on every page of your site.   By providing meaningful headings they can skip to the section of your page that is most important to them without having to spend time sifting through information they do not care about.  This also helps the search engines rank your page more effectively.

When you are building or optimizing your website you should only use white hat SEO techniques.  This will not only ensure your page does not get marked as spam by the search engines, but it will provide quality, useful content to your visitors and encourage them to become paying clients.  Learn more by visiting our Cancun Seminar in October 2013.  To learn about techniques to avoid, read our Black Hat SEO techniques page.