Reputation Matters: What Are They Saying?

There are many ways social media supports small businesses.  One of the biggest ways is by helping you establish a name and reputation so you will be seen as an authority in your industry.

 Social media is digital “word-of-mouth” advertising.  You may offer great services or a awesome product with a solid customer base but if you want to expand, then it’s important to use your happy customer experiences to your benefit! You want their friends to have the same great experience they had, right?

There are many ways to transition an established offline reputation into online revenue simply by sharing relevant content, engaging in conversation and leveraging marketing collateral.  Another way to get your name out there, is by offering incentives to your current customers for check-ins, comments, posts, ratings, etc. to really give your brand a boost in the reputation department.

What’s being said about you or your company is very important and should be monitored closely on social media and online. Providing quick responses, resolving problems on a daily basis and always exceeding the expectations of your client or potential client will certaintly boost your credibility.

Word of Mouth advertising is the best!

Do you know what is being said about your business? Social Media is a critical aspect of monitoring your online reputation.  A worth while investment, reputation management can make or break a small business.

Consistentcy and creative find ways to utilize the different platforms to build your brand’s reputation are also key!

It can be difficult at times, to watch for every comment, message, mention, share, rating, etc while you are trying to actually tend to the business of your business! Finding or creating content that is informative and engaging can be time consuming as well.

Warhorse Marketing understands! Let us do what we do best, so that you can do what you do best! Contact us today for a FREE social media and online presence evaluation.

Reputation Management: I Need Help With Yelp!

Yikes! I need help with Yelp!  

This is a statement we hear pretty often once a business owner realizes that the reviews on YELP, Goole+, CitySearch, etc. are less than desirable.  Reputation management has become very important for business online searches.  There was a time when what others said on YELP, Google Reviews, CitySearch and the like only matter if one went to that site to see if you were given a review.  Now, well it’s a whole new ball game.  These sites are affecting the bottom-line for business.  The reviews are popping up on the first page of a Google search and they are hindering any business that doesn’t have a good rating.

This has created yet another task for the business owner: monitor their ratings on all of these sites, put a plan of action into place to make sure that their (satisfied) customers are giving those good ratings and of course responding and attempting to resolve issues stated in a negative rating.  The rules about deleting or moderating false reviews are strict! Basically the sitesrefusse to remove negative reviews unless it breaks the website’s rules. Don’t count on being able to have those kind of reviews removed BUT we can shed some light into the tunnel with a few tips to handle negative reviews on Yelp, Google+, CitySearch, YellowPages, etc.


Claim Your Business Page On Yelp, Google+ Or Any Review Site

First and foremost, claim your Yelp, Google+ or any review site business listing because it will allow you to communicate news to customers and respond to reviewers. You will also be able to control your business details and make changes as necessary. Not to mention, in the event that you do attempt to have a review removed, the site won’t even consider it if  you haven’t claimed your listing!

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to www.yelp.comwww.google.com/business/placesforbusiness/ or do a Google search for the appropriate review site.
  2. Search for your business. Click on it when you find it to bring up your business page.
  3. Within the profile you’ll have the option to claim your listing.  Just look for a link that says something like “Is this your business?” or “Manage this page.”
  4. You’ll then be asked to enter some simple information about your business.
  5. Upon filling in all required fields, you’ll have to complete an authentication process over the phone or potentially via snail mail. When your phone rings, which will be almost immediately after entering your phone number, enter the confirmation code provided.

​ Responding To Negative Reviews

You know the saying,” You can’t please everyone!”  Well, this pertains to business.  I don’t think that there is a business in existence that has never made a mistake or had a customer that just couldn’t be pleased.  It’s to be expected to a certain level, but what prevails is how a business went about trying to make the error right. People tend to make a big fuss when something isn’t right- you just need to make a big fuss to make it right publicly.

Resolving False Reviews

I am sure the majority of us have someone tell a completely fictional story about you (think back to middle school) unfortunately, this happens in the business world as well.  There are people out there who will give a totally false review about your business.  The bad thing about that it that most review sites only delete reviews if they are profane.

So what do you do if this is the case for you? Respond! A public response explaining that the review is false and professionally explaining why it is false is necessary.  Clarifying the false review is not going to boost your rating, nor will the review will be removed but it will show that you  made it a point to address the review.  Many people want to know that if they have an issue that you will at least respond. The best way to discredit false reviews is to have plenty of positive ones.

Managing Your Reviews – Yelp, Google+ YellowPages, CitySearch, Angie’s List, etc.

Some say ignorance is bliss but not in the case of  bad reviews.  You must consistently monitor all these review sites for new reviews.  If you don’t have enough positive reviews, just one negative review could seriously damage your reputation and could cost you many potential customers.


Your reputation means everything when it comes to being a successful, dependable and reputable business. At Warhorse Marketing, we can be the tool that assists you in monitoring, improving, defending and repairing online reputations and reviews.  Imagine having your own online marketing and PR team that manages all your reviews, effectively resolving negative customer experiences and building a broad volume of positive reviews from your actual clientele! Contact us today for your free reputation management consultation!

You Get What You Pay For!

There are many facets that make up Warhorse Marketing Corp.  A few of the services we offer include professional social media marketing management, web design, and SEO services, just to name a few.  To take a look at all of the services we offer, click here. One of the most beneficial services we offer is continuing education seminars for attorneys in association with Dr. Lance Platt of Platt and Associates.

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When you, as an attorney, invest into yourself by taking these courses, you can easily justify your rates to your clients.  You increase your value and you can increase your fees.  The saying “You get what you pay for”, is certainly true when it comes to attorneys.  Clients pay for experience, knowledge, training and certifications.  If you don’t have those, what makes you better than the next attorney? The courses are proven to help attorneys win more cases.  Take a look at what other clients are saying about Dr. Lance Platt and find out more about him here!

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