Content Creation Services

There are generally two purposes to an attorney website – educate the public on an area of law, and generate business for your firm.  Your content is the key to doing both of these things effectively.  Follow the general guidelines we have listed below to create rich, effective content that will steer that internet traffic into foot traffic for your office.  If you are looking for content creation services, then contact us for a free quote.

Know your audience

There is a big difference between how you speak to a business person looking for a lawyer to do contract, real estate, or other business related work, and how you speak to someone who has been arrested and facing criminal charges.  Most trial lawyers will tell you that you should speak to jurors at about a sixth grade level.  Not because they are dumb, but because they can more easily process the information you are conveying to them.  The same is true for your website.

If you are writing for the general public then you should avoid legal words and break down your writing to simple to understand concepts.  If you are in a niche where you are dealing with professionals you have a little more leeway, but be careful to remember that just because they are professionals does not mean they will grasp legal concepts and theories.  You still need to carefully explain what you mean.

Don’t assume anything

You should never assume that your target audience understands basic legal concepts.  For instance, just because everyone knows the Miranda Rights after having heard them read on every cop show for the past 30 years does not mean they know when those rights apply to them.  Many people believe the police must read the Miranda Warning as soon as they are stopped or questioned.

When you are discussing legal concepts, and especially personal rights or liberties, you should break down each concept to its most basic form.  By breaking down the information in this way you will be better at clearly communicating your advice or position on an issue, and become a better communicator through your website.

One Topic Per Page

One of the most common problems with many websites is the author tries to put too much on each page.  You should limit yourself to one topic per page.  If that topic has sub-topics, then note that in your writing and put a link to another page on your site that discusses the sub-topic.  Doing so will help you provide a cleaner, more effective site.


It is good to use keywords that people are searching on your pages, but make sure that the keywords you use are the topic of the page.  As a general rule you should include your keyword in the first and last paragraph of your page, and the keyword or keyword phrase should comprise about 2 to 3 percent of your overall page content.

Short, Sweet, and To the Point

As a general rule you should try to keep each page between 350 and 500 words.  Too short or too long may be marked as spam.

Following these simple guidelines will help you produce high quality content that will be recognized by the search engines, and valued by your visitors.  If you are looking for content creation services then contact us for a free quote.  We provide multiple levels of service depending on your individual needs.