Websites for Lawyers

When you look at all of the options for websites for lawyers you will see that there are several companies who build these sites. But, Warhorse Marketing, Corp. builds custom websites that are fully optimized, and integrated with all of your social media pages, and can even provide you custom content that will help you get more qualified leads, and better conversions from the visitors to your site.

Websites for lawyers is a different market than websites for other small businesses. We specialize in building you a site that meets your ethical obligations to the bar, and provides meaningful, useful information to your clients and potential clients. Simply telling someone what services your provide is not enough for you to stay competitive in today’s crowded digital marketplace. We use proven educational marketing techniques that will inform your potential clients about your expertise in your area of law, and lead them to naturally conclude that you are the lawyer they need to hire.

When building websites for lawyers we begin by focusing on where you practice (geographically), and what you practice (type of law). We then have a staff who provide SEO expert services who evaluate your marketplace and find a way to set you apart from your competition in the digital marketplace.

Custom WebsitesStructure and Design

Having a nice looking website is great, but if that website does not generate clients for you, then it’s like having a nice car in your driveway that you are making payments for, but can’t afford to drive. It’s a financial pit that will never work itself out until you make some changes. The effectiveness of a website is measured by two things: 1) The amount of traffic your site generates, and 2) the number of visitors to your website that are converted to paying clients.

Websites for lawyers is about generating the traffic to your site. And, then using your site structure and design to convert those visitors to paying clients. To take it a step further, your site and linked social media pages can then be used to keep those former clients engaged with your practice and set them up to become a referral source.

Why custom?

One question we often hear is “Why do I need a custom site?” You do not necessarily need an entirely custom site. Your structure needs to follow Google’s recommendations , and you need to follow some of the basic rules of web design and structuring in order to get the best results out of your site.You do need to customize your content and other key metrics of your site. There are programs out there that will auto-create content for you. These programs, however, generate content that is likely to be marked as spam by Google and other search engines. You may think of these programs as a time saver, but the truth is they hurt your overall marketing efforts. You need custom content that is written for your audience and will set you apart among the websites for lawyers in your market.

If you are ready to set yourself above all of the other websites for lawyers, then contact us right now to see how we can help you generate more traffic and convert that traffic into paying clients. When you succeed, we do as well. Contact us right now!