Make Your Pins Make you Money

As with any site, the more exposure received the better it is for your brand, in particular organic exposure. Organic is content seen by people on the site and is numbers or views that are not inflated with fake or irrelevant accounts. Although once upon a time where views came from didn’t matter, today in social media it does, and knowing what tool can help you gain exposure without hurting your brand is a valuable lesson to learn prior to using any tools.

Images have gained in popularity in 2012 and is continuing as we begin 2013, it most certainly looks to be a trend that is yet to fade into the past as visual content is not only popular by social users but by the algorithms within social networks as well as amongst image sharing niche sites like Pinterest.

Businesses have caught on to the latest trend in sharing images and are using them to relate to users on social sites but it has also become a terrific way to share your brand as well as products on sites like Pinterest, since they make it super easy for businesses by providing another way for people to click to your desired site in which images are being hosted.

Pinterest has done wonders in particular for blogs and for websites who have taken interest in creating supporting pages and picking proper images. Knowing how to properly categorize your pins and label your boards imaginatively along with a well written social description explaining the board, will help create a strong page rank for your board, since every board does and can have one.

With that said, it is not always easy depending on others to repin your pins and in some instances promoting pins can help further your reach.

An image promoting site, Reachli, helps content creators and sellers of goods measure their visually shared content with an array of tools. With the ability to promote through campaigns using Reachli not only will you be able to extend your brands reach but more importantly be able to scale the types of images that best suit your audience and hone in on those skills to strengthen your strategy and further your image sharing not only on Pinterest but elsewhere as well.

Being able to measure your efforts when sharing images in particular can help you not only connect further with like-minded people but potential customers as well and knowing what works and what doesn’t helps businesses weed out the unnecessary and instead use social sites for purposeful efforts and attain information that will make using those sites for your brand more beneficial.

Currently Reachli targets Pinterest but may expand in the future for more niche sites that target visual sharing into their insights. Reachli is ideal for your brand to be able to scale and strategize using measurable feedback that can help you target your audience better, which will then in return make for better connections when using social media.


Source: http://www.1singularsensation.com/how-reachli-helps-you-monetize-your-pinterest-pins/

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