How does Site Structure Affect SEO

Many people do not realize that the structure of your site affects your SEO rankings.  And, just as importantly, it will affect your conversion rate as well.  By structuring your site so that people can find what they are looking for you increase the chances they will not need to visit other sites, and will become your client.  This page will tell you a little bit more about the three most important factors in site structure.


How people navigate your site affects your SEO results.  If you use flash or java script you are making a huge mistake.  It is better to stick with XHTML or CSS for your menu items.  The search engines can read those easier, and better index your site. Make sure your navigation makes sense to your visitors, and follows a natural logic.  For instance, if your attorney website is categorized by practice area make sure that each area has a sub-menu of topics that discusses issues related to that area of practice.  Having a menu item of “Divorce” is great, but you should have a sub-menu that identifies each of the issues that may arise in a divorce.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is critical for your visitors to find the information they are looking for without having to click through a series of menus.  The more clicks it takes someone to find the page they are looking for the less likely they will do so.  By building internal links you will give your visitors shortcuts to the most relevant content on your site, and increase the likelihood they will find what they are looking for before becoming frustrated and give up.

URL Structure

Your URL structure is a great opportunity to use your keywords to generate traffic to your site.  By including relevant keywords in your page name you are telling the search engines what your site is about, but you are also helping your site visitors find the content that interests them the most.

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